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The Santa Fe International Film Festival opens Oct 18, and comes to a close Oct 22, boasting more than 300 hours of programming, more than 100 visiting filmmakers. The annual festival flows throughout downtown Santa Fe and its Railyard District day and night at 6 theaters screening independent and international films, plus receptions, panels, and discussions with movie makers. Dubbed “a young Sundance” by indieWire, SFiFF presents a program of top international films, Indigenous films, USA independents, its Green Earth Program special screenings, documentaries, masters discussions, and film panels.

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Helen’s Dead

Upon discovering her asshole boyfriend, Adam (EMILE HIRSCH),is sleeping with her cousin, Helen (MATILDA LUTZ), aimless twenty something Addie (DYLAN GELULA) shows up at a dinner party to confront both Helen and Adam only to discover Helen is dead and everyone is a suspect. From “canceled” lifestyle influencer Leila (ANNABELLE DEXTER-JONES) to her shady, much older, husband George (BRIAN HUSKEY), to overly friendly wannabe actor Garrett (OLIVER COOPER), even her own boyfriend and an actual ex-con named Henry (TYRESE GIBSON), Addie must make it through a night of upwardly mobile entitlement and an absurdly shocking level of millennial apathy.
Oct 22


This unique cinematic experience dives deep into an artist’s work and reveals his life path, inspiration, and creative process. It explores his fascination with myth and history. Past and present are interwoven to diffuse the line between film and painting, allowing the audience to be completely immersed in the remarkable world of one of the greatest contemporary artists, Anselm Kiefer. Wim Wenders shot this unique portrait over the course of two years in stunning 3D.
Oct 20, Oct 21

Chronicles of a Wandering Saint

In a tiny Argentinian town, a pious yet competitive woman decides that staging a miracle could anoint her as the most admired woman in town. But before the reveal, a jarring event illuminates the hidden magic of her world, forcing her to reevaluate everything she once took for granted.
Oct 19, Oct 22

Santa Fe International Film Festival

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