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A law enforcement officer has to remove people that are homeless in order to make way for a 10km fun-run. ...
7 min | Dian Weys | Spanish
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Mountain Dust (Polvo de Montana)

In the midst of quarrying in the mountains of her city, Jessy, a young domestic worker, witnesses the scope of...
18 min | Marlen Rios-Farjat | Swedish
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After a bad first date, a Parisian man discovers his television remote has the power to manipulate time and pe...
13 min | Devin Glass | French
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The Film Might Be White

During a final feedback meeting, everyone starts to question whether their art school''s new commercial could...
13 min | Sebastian Johansson Micci
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The Furniture (Le Mobilier)

When a contemporary art gallery organizes a new exhibition of art performances, a cleaning lady has trouble un...
15 min | Mehdi Pierret
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In the Event of an Earthquake (En caso de sismo)

Faced with an uncertain future after his mother is killed in an earthquake, a teenager carries out a strange p...
13 min | Francisco Bendomir, Luis Montoya | French
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