Presented as Part Of Indigenous Shorts 2

Things You Know But Cannot Explain

Using images and art from Wiyot artist Rick Bartow as its basis, this experimental short explores one reclaim...
11 min | Michelle Hernandez, Chantal Jung
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Urpi: Her Last Wish

Urpi travels to the sacred valley of the Incas in the Peruvian Andes to fulfill a promise to her grandmother. ...
18 min | Sisa Quispe
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Worlds collide when a man makes the long journey home to spread his late mother''s ashes. His arrival awakens...
22 min | Travis Shilling
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Na Savi

As is traditional in her indigenous community, Areli, of only fourteen years old, is being negotiated by her f...
15 min | Sofia Ayerdi
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Lily Gladstone: Far Out There

Follow Native American actress Lily Gladstone as she shares her love of her craft and prepares for the release...
14 min | Brooke Pepion Swaney
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The film entitled Machi, which means ‘Fish’, follows a small group from a Tharu household carrying out the...
7 min | Eoghan McDonaugh | French
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