New Mexico Shorts Program 1

The Maid
Directed by Kristin Goodman
A maid arrives at a palatial home and discovers an evil living inside that has no intention of letting her leave.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain 
Directed by Eugen Merher
Set in Grants, New Mexico and tells the fictional small-town legend of Chester, a street fighter who can”t feel any pain. When Annie, a bowling alley employee who just moved into town challenges him for a fight, things begin to change.

Can I Love You?
Directed by Kymon Greyhorse 
A Navajo girl navigates surrendering her role as a mother figure as she receives an acceptance letter to college

Directed by Morningstar Angeline
Without parents to guide them, Loretta and Raven reflect on the love their parents modeled and the grief of their loss. While one finds catharsis in their mother’s old VHS camera, the other struggles with a potential pregnancy.

The Holy Word
Directed by Sarah Gartner
Becca navigates her junior year at a Catholic High School where hormones are raging and sex ed hypocrisy abounds. Where do you draw the line when you know your mom reads sexually charged illicit literature and you”re told by the nuns that kind of stuff leads to chronic masturbation? Turns out 5000 years of patriarchal programming can”t invalidate reality when Becca crosses paths with Juanita and a girl bond is formed. 

¡Baca the Kid!
Directed by Antonio Maquez 
Trapped in a flimsy mud hut by an angry white mob, a young Mexican American must survive the longest gunfight in U.S. history in this mostly true SouthWestern about New Mexican folk hero Elfego Baca.



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RUN TIME: 86 Minutes