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Spain, 1979. Irene is an aspiring writer who obsesses with the delicate ghost at the library she works....
13 min | Javier Yanez Sanz | English
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While recovering from the grief of a miscarriage and a dry, dying farm, Mabel and Abraham are visited by a str...
14 min | Destinee McCaster | English
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Fck’n Nuts

Sandy is grievously forced to break it off with the boy of her dreams in order to avert him from meeting her u...
11 min | Sam Fox | English
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A pathetic Irish fishmonger must survive a sex pact with an ancient fish creature in order to save his mother'...
25 min | Neil Ferron | English
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No Overnight Parking

A woman fleeing from her abusive husband gets locked in an underground parking garage with a masked killer....
10 min | Meg Swertlow | English
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When a phone scammer makes one last late night call, the woman on the other end gives her much more than she b...
7 min | Julie Sharbutt
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