Presented in Multiple Parts

A Closed System

A boy is taken to a high-tech apartment, where he must adapt to a new home in the shadow of an enormous storm....
9 min | Ken Kwek |
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Gumball Machine

When a Gumball Machine is thrown out of the arcade he used to call home, he must search for a new place to liv...
6 min | Eli Staub |
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Moving Day

While a couple is moving out, a smiley drawing on one of their boxes comes to life, falls in love with another...
12 min | Sean Mirkovich |
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An animated musical about a lonely widower awaiting a Pacemaker to save his life who gets his real second chan...
9 min | Brian Vincent Rhodes, Christopher Lennertz |
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The Ballad of Maddog Quinn

An unlikely outlaw wreaks hell across the dusty dystopia of The State on a wild quest to save what is held mos...
15 min | Matt Inns |
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The Blue Balloon (Le Ballon Bleu)

When a girl with a blue balloon crosses paths with a boy and his red balloon, it''s clear a greater magical fo...
15 min | Katherine Griffin |
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The Brave Locomotive

An Old West musical tale with 1940s flair about a mighty little train facing harrowing disaster....
7 min | Andrew Pierce Chesworth |
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